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4 Tips to Post a Winning Listing


1. Headline That Stands Out

What makes your listing different from any other properties? You have to clearly mention the main selling point of the property. Don't let the potential buyer guess or ask for it. Instead, clearly state them in the headline. For example, almost all listings starts with "Nice...", "Clean...", "Great Location..." and etc. Write in more precise way if your property in good location such as "Right beside the market" or "5 minutes to the beach". It will at least grab attentions and makes people notice your listing.

2. Photo

A photo says a thousand words. Get high quality photos or even hire professionals to take the photo. It will definately makes a difference as people tend to draw to attractive photos. If you have multiple photos in a listing, make sure that you choose the best possible photo to put it as the first/main photo. The maximise the feeling of spaciousness, get back to the corner of the property to take the photo. Before taking the photo, ensure that the room is clean and clutter free.

3. Give Enough Information

If someone has many cars, he/she will never buy a house with only one carpark. You might think of without providing the number info will make more inquiries or call for your property. Why waste both party time if it finally ends up the person find that the property is not suitable for him/her? Put more information to your listing such as number of bedroom, bathroom, carpark, floor number, furnishing, facilities available, environment and etc. Who knows that somebody might buy your property just because of particular details that you list out for them.

4. Call to Action

Tell your prospective buyers exactly what to do next. Ask them to call you, email you or message you for more information. Let them know if they contact you before a particular date, they will receive any special discounts or incentives if you have any. You want them to take action now before they manage to think twice or keep browsing for more other listings.


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