5 Tips for Selling Your Home


1. Get Your House Repaired

Make sure your house condition is in tip top before showing it to your prospective buyers. Get all the scratches, door knobs that don't work, faulty switches and stucked windows all repaired so that it will leave a good impression to the buyers. Minor things like this will actually makes potential buyer to turned away from buying your house.

2. Repaint Your House

Consider of repainting your house to make it looks brand new. Paint especially the outdoor of the house. First impression really counts when buyer visits your house. The concept is a little bit more or less the same with car. People always repaint second hand car before selling them in the market again.

3. Leave some good stuff behind

Don't take away everything with you. Some nice furnitures or sofa set will makes your house looks complete and wonderful once buyer steps into the house. Imagine if the buyer visit a few houses in the same area. Everything looks the same but you have an advance TV & sound system sets in the house that you are going to leave behind. Buyer will certainly mark it as an extra points to consider of buying your house.

4. Be reasonable with pricing

Nowadays, buyers are very well informed about the price of the property in any area due to the existance of Internet. If you mark the price all the way up too high, buyer will not even contact you to see the house even you have a gorgeous house to show. The homes that looks like a great deal will often get the most calls and even receive multiple offers.

5. Tidy Up The House

Ensure that the house is clutter free before any visits done to the house. Pack all those unwanted stuff that is sitting on top of the countertop and table especially if you are still staying in the house. House that looks clean and neat during the visit will win even though you are thinking you going to move those stuff out later anyway. Human still likes to see what is nice to them and things like this will makes buyer feels better of the house.


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