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Penang is a land with various property potentials and is reaching towards it with the help of the developers. Hence, in this article, the top 5 property developers of Penang will be addressed with no particular order.


E & O Property Development Berhad

Its Prime Properties in Premier Location have gained international reputation and recently, in Penang the seafront resort condominium of Quayside is the pioneer for offering a 4.5-acre private waterpark for the residents.

Last year, the Tamarind Project which plan for a condominium with various high end facilities such as private one-acre of beach and more has been launched. The Tamarind has been a well soughed property due to its accessibility to mails.

The Tamarind is also ranked first as the most active project in Penang.

Recently, they also reclaimed a RM12bil project at a 740 acres of land in Tanjong Tokong for the Seri Tanjung Pinang Phrase Two (STP2).

 Many hotels and residences have been developed and planned by this company. According to the company’s website, they have a track of excellence. Over the past few years, they have won a string of awards from organisations or companies such as Trip Advisor and The Edge over the past few years.


M Summit Group

With over a decade of experience on belt, this company becomes a developer in Penang which landed several residential units in strategic locations in Penang.

Currently, one of their projects in Penang which is the Summit 191 which located at George Town. According to the official website, this property will be surrounded with government headquarter, malls, hotels and scrumptious foods.

In the past, they also had developed few resident areas ranging from terrace house to three storey semi-D such as Happy Villa and Zoo Road. 

Furthermore, Ramah Pavilion, an affordable housing development in Teluk Kumbar is ranked top 2 as the most popular projects in 2015 by Penang Property Talk. According to the website, this 759 units in two blocks of 36 and 38- storey building was viewed 75, 570 times online and has 1,329 in 2015.


Ideal Property Sdn Bhd

Completed several high valued condominiums such as 1-World, 1-Sky etc in Penang, this company is famous for incorporating humanistic elements like energy saving and environment sustainability. This Penang origin company also has 12 years of history.

In 2014, United Bintang Bhd (UBB), an importer and exporter of heavy machinery that been used and reconditioned had choose to pursue a property development plans in Penang with Ideal Property.

According to Penang Property Talk, this company is ranked second in the list of active property development projects in 2016 which are One Foresta and i-Santorini as the Tamarind project by E&O group is ranked first.



According to the official website, GSD Land has an excellent record in developing the Northern part of Semenanjung. With a team of well-versed professional, they managed to overcome challenges throughout the years.

Their recent projects include Skycube Residence, Summerton Bayan Indan, Garden Ville, and Sierra Residences in Sungai Ara. You might even anticipate premium boutiques project from them!


According to The Malay Mail, GSD is also one of the companies that might participate in the building of the first bicycle’s spiral ramp in Malaysia. This 10.5km spiral ramp connects the flyover across the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway and the bridge crossing Sungai Nibong Kecil and Sungai Ara.


Asia Green Property Development

They are known for its property development projects across Penang. After a reformulation of the executive management team in 2007, new business goal with rapid expansion was planned. Furthermore, this company is self-financed, and hence, there are greater flexibility and planning as they are not influenced by external parties who might finance them.


According to the official website, their current project consist of Shih Chung, a freehold luxury hotel and The Clovers, a high-end condominium. In the past, they have fully sold out a few projects such as the Mandarin Quarter, Asia Homes and Asia Height.

In the future, they intend to build a high end condominium, Victoria Bay between the first and second Penang Bridge.


Written By : Fung Chai Ying

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